About The Ministry

Love for All People International Ministry since its inception has conducted missionary work and training on local, national and international levels around the world.

Contact Us

"Love For All People"
P.O. Box 151141
Altamonte Springs, FL

Call: 407-830-6032


By using modern technology, Love for All People offers self-growth and education to all of its audience. We try to relate as servants to our audience and provide new insights within our society.

This organization/ministry focuses on evangelism and rehabilitation of the human soul, mind and body through ministering to the whole person by individual counseling and personal needs. We have a special interest in people affected by the HIV/AIDS virus.


George Bellmany the director of the ministry has been the coordinator of the outreach ministry for 21 years. He has ministered throughout the southern United States and around the world.

Current Activities

Ministry currently is involved with street evangelism, track ministry (passing out tracts), ministering in churches, providing help to the needy and homeless in the inter city community. Counseling geared toward individuals affected by the HIV/AIDS virus. Foreign Ministry-missionary works with street kids, (those orphaned by AIDS, providing food, shelter and education with TLC (tender loving care).

Future Activities

The present activities will continue in the future. As an organization, we believe that educating the youth in abstinence and responsible behavior will curtail the ever-increasing numbers in this worldwide epidemic. We will expand our HIV/AIDS outreach to help educate about the virus in "High Risk" countries. Establish prayer ministries nationally and internationally, Central Florida being our main headquarters.


This ministry collaborates and networks with several Ministries and organizations nationally and internationally.